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Hi, my name is Daniel! I have been a cake decorator for quite some time. I remember how excited I was when I first came to work at a bakery! You know that feeling...! Big machines, larger batches and suddenly everything seemed so out of reach. Years went by and every effort became experience, and that is what made baking so special for me.

I love baking and I'm always open for a challenge!

So, the next time you think about cake or throwing out a party, remember,

you've got somebody to help!



Taste of Brazil


We have a large variety of cake flavors and style! If you are open to try new and tasteful flavor, then you are in the right place! We are always fresh and we take pride in that. In our bakery, we only work with fresh ingredients. From our sponge cake to the topping!

Let us be part of your team to make that party an unforgettable one? With us, you would never have to worry about having something you're not sure you'd like. If you are not familiar with our cuisine, we are glad to have you taste a sample! It's that simple!

Be our guest! Come visit us!

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The Final Product

Our best until the end!​

Cake is our thing! But, if you're in the looking for pastries, decorated cookies or other kinds of sweets, come talk to us.

We guarantee you'll have our best from beginning to the end!


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